Strategic Research & Extension Plan (SREP)

Gumla district of Jharkhand was selected as ATMA district under Extension Reforms Programme through Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. An autonomous Institution registered under society act in the name of Agriculture Technology Management Agency(ATMA) to carry out the project activities in collaboration with different line departments. SREP was the outcome of the integrated efforts of all the stakeholders involved in the process of development in the field of agriculture and allied sectors of the district. While preparing the SREP, major thrust was given on farming system innovations/success stories, available farmer groups and organizations, serious technological gaps and natural resource base of the district. The SREP has basically two sections namely "diagnostic section" and "strategic section" Diagnostic section has further two sub-sections namely Information and Analysis. In the Information "sub-sections", information from different line departments, NGOs were gathered and recorded along with the detailed data of the representative village under each AES. Under diagnostic section, information like general features of the district, agro-climatic and agro-ecological situation, land based systems, demographic pattern, on-going development, extension and research activities along with other information was collected form the representative villages and analyzed. The strategic section spells out strategies for research and extension issues of each AES with respect to different programme components. In this sections, strategies were developed on the basis of prioritized strategic issues separately for extension and research activities. The Block Action Plan(BAP) in consultation with Farmers Advisory Committee(FAC) on the basis of SREP for (BTT) in consultation with Farmers Advisory Committee(FAC) on the basis of SREP for implementation of Extension Reform in Gumla district.


SAMETI, Jharkhand in collaboration with MANAGE, Hyderabad organized a 5- days master Trainers Training Programme on "Development of SREP" from 10 to 14 September 2007 at SAMETI, Ranchi. In this training programme following topics were covered:

Role of SAMETI , Jharkhand in Preparation of the SREP

SAMETI, Jharkhand, Ranchi Provided Technical backup and support to project at state level and capacity building of AES core team member of ATMA in Particulars. Faculty member /Facilitator of SAMETI, Jharkhand, Ranchi oriented from 8-06-2008 to 10-06-08 The views, suggestions and guidelines of the state level SREP Coordinator–cum–Director, SAMETI; Scientist of BAU Jharkhand. Faculty member of Extension Education BAU, Ranchi were incorporated at various stages for the final output.

Orientation of District Level Officers and Scientists

SAMETI, Jharkhand in collaboration with MANAGE, Hyderabad organized state level training programme on "AES Core team training for development of SREP - ATMA Model" form 9th to 11th 2008 and Operationalization of SREP from 22th to 24th Oct. 2008 at SAMETI, Jharkhand. Altogether, Soil Conservation Officers along with scientists of KVK, Gumla participated in both the programme. Participants were oriented to the concept and philosophy of Extension Reforms (ATMA Model), need and purpose of O & M. plan for the district, existing and expected O.& M. plan under Extension Reforms and the procedure to develop the SREP of ATMA, Gumla.

Selection of members for AES Core Team.

Representatives of different Government Development Departments like Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Dairy, Fishery, Co-operative and Scientists from KVK. Bishunpur were selected as AES Core Team member. The selection was done to provide them with basic training/orientation about the Extension Reforms for preparation of SREP.

Training of Master Trainers

The training of master trainers on "SREP PREPARATION" was organized at SAMETI, Jharkhand, Ranchi from 10 to 14 September 2007 in collaboration with MANAGE, Hyderabad. 10 participants comprising district level Officers from different line departments viz. Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Dairy, Fishery, Scientist from KVK, Bishunpur , Horticulture, Cooperative Poultry and Soil Conservation. The training programme was designed with the help of MANAGE facilitators. Inductive method of learning was followed as a training process. Besides conceptual clarity on Extension Reforms, relevant management tools; techniques and methodological approaches were discussed at length. For each and every tool, brainstorming, group discussions and dummy exercises at villages were conducted to make the participants very clear on the subject so that the SREP could be made more meaningful. These selected officers and scientists were trained on various theoretical aspects by the resource persons from SAMETI, Jharkhand and MANAGE, Hyberabad.

Formation of Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT)

Core team of SREP was constituted consisting of the following.
(a) Officer's/Supervisor at block level from various line departments.
(b) The Scientists of KVK Bishunpur.
(c) The selected NGOs, who have considerable work experience of working in remote areas.
A six days training programme of the Core Team was organized during the month of May, 2008 at SAMETI, Ranchi in which around 50 persons participated. In this trainees were basically exposed to the need and the procedures of SREP and were trained by the SAMETI Facilitators, Master Trainers and Training Organizer, SAMETI Ranchi/ BAU Ranchi on the various techniques of Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA).

Identification of representative village for each AESs

There are Three AES in the district and in each AES there is a one representative village. There were three representative villages spread over the whole district. The AES Team members were called for a short briefing and input in PRA tools, formats for gap analysis in adoption of improved practices, primary information and prioritization of research & extension issue in line department With Recommendation was given by experts and the SAMETI Facilitators.

Approval of SREP

After thorough scrutiny by the ATMA Governing Board with constituent official and farmer members, the SREP is submitted for approval as an authenticated plan document. This document forms the basis for agricultural development in the district. Further, it helps ATMA to put forth its demand before the Government of India for release of funds. DC Gumla as a Chairmen with GB approved this SREP on Dated 07.01.2010.

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